Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lookin' 4ward

after 1 year.. yes 1 year.. cn u imagine it? recently, ammal asked me.. "zay cmna dgn estepereDoc?' waaa... most definitely shocked at dat tym... ada org baca blog zay... :) hehe.. frankly, i dun have much tym to open my blog 4 d last 1 year.. not dat im too bz, juz dun have any allocated tym to type.. but i have lots lots lots of stories.. through out the year, i'd went to several places.. delhi, shimla, manali, agra (taj mahal), manipal, goa, singapore, Kuching Srwk, Semarahan Srwk, Yelagiri Tamil Nadu, Hong Kong, and Macau recently.. seriously, to put all the memories n stories in words might b difficult.. bt i'll try.. :) hehe...

Friday, December 5, 2008


Recently, i got physiology class practical... blood group, bleeding time n clotting tym n so on.. K, talking bout all these cells, of cuz, generally blood should b mentioned.. :)
hehe... k, mo jd crita, i need to prick my fingers 3 times for all 3 experiments.. honestly, i feel extremely scared.. befor this prick skali jak.. but dis time 3 pricks in a row.. done 1 exp, do another 1 n so forth.. 8 dat tym, mmg x pkir apa2 la... dlam ati, rasa cm, 'ooo, ni rasa cm commit suicide..'
but i still dont understand, how they tried to commit suicide by hurting them selves.. really, cn u take blade, or wuteva sharp tin, n stab it into ur fingers.. cn u imagine it? but then, after 5 minutes thinking of to prick or not to prick, the growl inside my stomach forcing me to stab the lancet into my precious pinkish lil finger. :) heheh...
nwy, now i can understand their feelings.. drg bunuh dri bcuz of pressure.. likewise my condition, pressure from the stomach, forced me to prick my fingers reluctantly but determinedly... :) hehe.. of cuz i want to practice for my practical exm... 1 of the reasons as well.. but i really love myself, even a lil stab action cn make my breathing uneven... but still i need responses from 0thers as people hv different ways of thinking.. in my opinion, some cant perform this experiment, not because they fear to prick, but they dont like the sensation of pain, some people they feel uneasy to see their own blood.. all these reasons actually felt by some of my friends.. therfore plz gv me some comment so i cn understand more n more n more.. sharing is caring.. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hallo guys.. Long tym no see.. Really medicine is the most crazee tin dat i hv get thru.. Ow man.. Punya byk tulang muscle, cartilage yg kna pk.. My mind turned blue after 4.30pm (dissection class guys, except thu n fri). Im gotta b kidding? Nope! 2 hours in dissection hall, forced me to sneak my 'drug' inside the hall. Pink top, nice smell ---> true love silkygirl.. hehe.. Dat formalin tins really killing my nasal, for sure, i have to regenerate back my sense after the class..
recently, g shopping dgn azie n iqah.. :) bli kasut n beg.. bukan shopping gla2 tau.. keperluan.. my cuurently class's bag, force me to duck in my head all the time as it is too big for my physical.. well, some called me turtle.. it hurts.. bit , but actually it's true.. :) due to the incovenience brought by mg former bag, i nned to buy a new back.. smaller n compact.. (tanx farehah, for ur bag) :)
kasut + sandal? as azie told me b4, bli brg yg berkualiti trus jd than lama pkai.. b4 dis, im extremely real kedekut pny org.. in buying tins, i never bought tin over 100 rinngit except my external hard disc.. (tp makan x kedekut la). kaut tu really hv nice design n reasonable price.. but for sure bli brg yg berkualiti feel different with unbranded tins.. smpi umah sy still puas ati.. it's totally different feeling.. b4 dis, kalo bli sandal b4 dis, rasa cm ad jak yg x kena.. it happened so many times, thus, i never doubt it... like recently, my sandal yg bli d mg road tu pny la skit kaki.. masa bli, selesa jak. tp bla pkai ari2, adui, i looked like someone suffering oedema..ndats y guys, as i quote here from azi, 'bli brg yg berkualiti trus,jd than lama'. i never say dat u should buy, but once u have enough money, buy branded tins for sometin dat u use daily rather than sandal that u gonna wear them once a year.. sandal 10 rgt tu, 1 mgu pn bleh putus sda. cerai la nyawa, cerai la badan sandal tue.. :)
ok guys, gtg... got a lot of record must be done.. ddaa.. c u guys.. wasalam..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A day in Lalbagh

Since 5.45 in the morning, bgn cm payah ja.. sda la tido lambat potong bawang, kisar bwg.. it was a long nyte, last nyte.. nsb baik ada mkcik 5 org (iqa, azi, dyg, sarah, tim) skali kupas.. smpi pedas2 tgn azi potong lada.. :) jm 2 pg bru tido.. back to 5.45, dah la 'cuti', makin la pyh.. ni susah kalo cuti, liat mo bgn.. nsb baik dyg bgn kn.. :) hehe.. tanx dyg.. but tin again dat nasi lemak, fine, i have to wake up.. my lovely sweet dream, mut to be continued..
okay, fine, dgn x cuci muka, x cuci gigi.. masuk dapur, trus kuarkn ayam dr fridge.. dah mengeras ayam tu.. baling p dinding confirm melantun. ketuk pny ketuk.. PANG!!! ow my God!! EPO azie jatuh.. Matila zay.. my strength too strong smpi bnd tu jatuh dr atas freidge.. Azie im so sorry.. nnt zay ganti blik k..
owkey2.. left it behind first.. our mission! ok, dyg cuci beras.. then azi, n iqa pn kuar.. siap mo msak... then the event start with the order from our chief cook.. nsib baik azi ada. Nad p bercuti d grapes view castle coz tkut mo blik malam pas antar amylia.. hah tau takut.. bahaya india d muthyalanagar ni, meraba. one of the students' of msu sda kena.. Em.. then nad n the gang dtg on trm, dgn rice cooker. hm nasib baik, kalo x, 5 kali msak la jwbnya dgn rice cooker cinonit ni. :)

nmpk periuk nasi 2? :) hehe.. ok fine all dis nasi lemak affair sda siap, nsb baik sda mandi awal.. kita org turun.. kesian budak lelaki tunggu.. owkay, the best part bila kami sda smpi bwah, where are they? "zay, boys marah." why? cuz kita lmbt. well, its still 8.30 in the morning.. 8liz give some appreciation kay.. we cook.. not only B406. bilik tiqah, bilk zati pn.. tanx guys.. ok, aku blur plus bengang.. fine, sabar.. hope i can put my tension as low as i can.. Plz God. Poor azi, milia, n nad... dgr ak membebel.. ni pyah boys ni.. (but there are still some of them very understanding) ok, kiranya, mo bg nasihat dkat boys la.. well, plz, b understanding n try to solve ur anger sickness.. 8liz amik 5 saat pkir jap, DONT B SO BOSSY.. Pantang sgt dgn llk cmni.. nsb baik sorg dua ja.. kalo suma cm2, abis la calon pilihan suami utk girls.. Well, pmpn pn ad jgak yg bossy.. :) Lady boss.. Em nice story, but too much cliche.. Sory dgn yg trasa, dis only my suggestion include suara ati.. x mo la gadow2 psal benda kecik kn.. :) nwy, sory again.

Ok, sda smpi lalbagh park.. Wow, byk nya anjing..

emm.. confirm iqa lari dlu, n absolutely dyg join skali.. hehe.. Nice place, nice weather n of cuz nice food.. sda abis makan. eh, where the others? Ooohh, begambar.. kay, em, sepa mo kemas ni.. nsb baik ada beberapa org kemas skali.. em.. penatnya.. my mood pn sda terbang.. reallt tired.. but hepy becoz drg tambah nasi! ni la rasanya bila mami msak, 4 of us abiskn makanan. tnpa ada tinggal.. bebunga2 ati ni.. :) hehe.. tanx mum!!tiba2, ujan.. OMG, i dont bring my jacket.. sejuknya.. tanx ajib, u r so kind, tanx for ur jacket, it warmed me a alot till i found my super heater, Tiqah n ifah.. hehe.. sdapnya berdiri d celah2 drg.. its so sweet.. tin of my memory during my salad day.. naik gunung kinabalu.. dats y i dont like aircond.. but 8 the same time i hate hot. weird? well, kinda supernatural crasp i tin.

dats the end of our picnic in LalBagh Park. First Nasi Lemak in India! kalah nasi lemak air Asia.. uhuh..